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WordpRess 6.2 and I Helped

WordPress 6.2 is out today, and I’m excited about this particular update. It’s a big one, and I’m proud to say that I contributed to many of the new and updated features.

Contributing to the WordPress open source project is a big deal for me. I’ve made a lot of friends in the WP community and learned a lot. I’m still learning.

In this case, I helped with Full Site Editing (FSE) testing. There were multiple testing calls over the past few months while the core team honed the FSE experience to take the new editor past beta. My job was to set up WordPress sites on my local machine, download the latest version and test certain features in the call’s brief.

The team is great, and it’s empowering to see that much of the feedback and new ideas I contributed made their way into the final product.

It also gave me the chance to pull apart the source code and see how things worked under the hood. WordPress is moving away from PHP for theming and relying more heavily on JSON files. So it’s been nice to be ahead of the curve on that one.

I know there are still quite a few users out there who hate blocks and want nothing to do with FSE. They’ll stay in Classic for as long as they can, and that’s fine. But there’s no doubt that FSE and block theming is the way of the future for WordPress and I’m totally on board.

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